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How To Apply For The US VISA

1. Make an appointment to visit US embassy. You need to make an appointment, which can be done by telephone, mail, over the Internet or in person (wait times for the appointment can be longer). Be sure to ask what fees are required and the mode of payment. Application fees are non refundable and must be paid before the appointment.

2. Get all you documentation ready and you will need

  • A valid passport
  • An appropriate application. This can be obtained through an Embassy or consulate or at
  • Documents to support the application detailing employment, reason for travel and financial status
  • Proof of payment of fees

( If you are a student applying for a visa to study in the US talk to the US academic institution or exchange program sponsoring you to obtain all the forms you will need to present along with your information ).

3. Submit your application along with your passport and all the supporting documents to the US embassy or consulate. The consular officer will review it. For most applicants the visa is issued within a few weeks. There is no guarantee of obtaining a visa.

4. In some cases additional reviews will be required. The information submitted by you is checked in the world’s foremost security database. If your name or a close variation indicates a security concern, the process will be delayed. Additional steps will vary from requests for additional interviews and information to official registration and fingerprinting. This may add at least 4-6 weeks in processing time.

5. A US visa allows you to travel from your country to a port of entry in the US. In many cases that port of entry will be the airport where you land. On the airplane you will be asked to fill out a short arrival/departure form. When you deplane follow the directions for the non–citizen entry. At the airport a US official will interview you and verify all of your paper work. Once admitted you will receive an immigration stamp and proceed to baggage claim and US customs.

6. Applicants may visit for current visa policies and procedures based on your current situations and circumstance. Whether you are a applying for a student visa, business visa, a tourist visa or you are a sponsor, this is a very good first stop. There are many other types of visas and this site can help you determine which kind you need and how to obtain it.

A visa allows you to travel to the United States as far as the port of entry (airport or land border crossing) and ask the immigration officer to allow you to enter the country. Only the immigration officer has the authority to permit you to enter the United States. He or she decides how long you can stay for any particular visit. Immigration matters are the responsibility of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

There are two of US visas: Immigrant and Non-Immigrant

US Immigrant Visas are for people who intend to live permanently in the U.S. Nonimmigrant visas are for people with permanent residence outside the U.S. but who wish to be in the U.S. on a temporary basis for tourism, medical treatment, business, temporary work or study.

Generally immigration process takes anything between 2-3years to be completed . The US visa green card immigration lottery fast tracks the immigration process to 2-3 months.Best of luck !!!!.

US Visas Types

There are two broad categories of US visas:
 Immigrant visas: For those intending to reside permanently in the United States. (Whether or not they intend to work.). In order to be eligible to apply for an immigrant visa, a foreign citizen must be sponsored by a U.S. citizen relative(s) or by a prospective employer.

An Affidavit of Support form is required for most family-based and some employment based immigrants to show there is adequate means of financial support in the U.S., by the petitioner or other sponsor(s) for the immigrant.

Additionally the Diversity Visa Program provides a certain number of permanent resident visas annually. These visas are drawn from countries with low rates of immigration to the U.S.

  2. Nonimmigrant visas: This is for people with permanent residence outside the US but who wish to be in the US for a short duration only. In other words it is a Visa for visiting United States temporarily. Reasons could be Tourism or medical treatment, business purpose, Students, Participants in exchange programs, Temporary workers, Performing artists, Professional journalists, and Government representatives, etc.

Temporary Worker Visas:
There are several categories of temporary worker visas. All applicants for such visas must have a petition approved by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) before applying for the visa.