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Useful Tips For US Visa Interview

Luck factor plays a vital role if you are looking for success and preparing thoroughly for US Immigration Visa interview. There are some tips which need to be considered seriously if one needs to be successful in US.

Visa Interview:

  • You need to strategically prepare convincing points as per the concerns of the visa officer.
  • One need to practice the list of questions which are frequently asked by US visa officer. You can practice answering the interview questions with your friends taking demo interviews in the room. Repeat this sequence again and again in every 15- 20 minutes until you gain confidence to face the interview questions.You need to be mastered in answering all the interview questions.
  • Be confident at the time of interview. There should be no sign of nervousness when you enter the interview room.You need to pretend that you have prepared thoroughly for us visa interview.
  • Don’t be late for the interview due to traffic. Reach there half an hour early before the scheduled time.
  • Wear formal clothes as you are going for the business interview. Wear a tie as visa officer is an American and always prefer formal attire.
  • You need to greet the officer with confident smile and Good Morning as you enter the interview room.
  • You should sit in a proper posture and answer all the questions confidently, looking in the eyes of interviewer throughout the interview.
  • You need to answer loud and clear in front of visa officer.Your answer need to be confident and there should be no hesitations or pauses while you answer any unfamiliar question as well.
  • If you don’t understand what visa officer asked you, there should be no hesitation asking the same question again.
  • You need to enter the interview room with all the documents arranged in order as visa officer is performing his duty. Don’t even expect him to be hostile on you.
  • You need to tell anything irrelevant if not asked by interviewer. Don’t even try to be over smart in front of US visa consulate officer.