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Non Immigrant US Visa Application

As there is no secret behind applying for US visa in Embassy, many people residing in India are not familiar with the process regarding applying for non-immigrant visa, which enables them to enter the domestic territory of United States, as they have never been through this process of filling application for availing US Visa.

Applicants looking to avail US visa need to appear for interview which is taken by Visa officer. Interviews are taken by visa consular officer in different categories as children below 14 years of age and senior citizens above 79 years, foreign government officials, travelers looking to renew expired visas does not come under the criteria of non immigration visa interview program launched by United states for national security concerns.

Making a visit to US embassy takes plenty of hours, as consulate officer is often busy dealing with different people approaching embassy with visa renewal and checking their application form, containing request for specified category of US Visa.

Applicants need to appear for interview in front of Visa officer with confidence in a formal manner. They need to give confident answers to the visa officer without any signs of nervousness or trembling.

The visa officer need to be persuaded by applicant in such a manner by giving him the indication about their plans to return back to India after accomplishing the desired work in United States. They need to assure Visa consulate regarding no harm provided  to US citizens from their side.

Steps for applying Non immigration US visa

Before Interview Process:

As procedure for Non-immigration Visa interview varies in accordance with rules and regulations implied by consular post, following points need to be considered by the applicants while applying for non immigration US visa in order to enter the domestic territory of United States of America.

    1. Applicants need to submit the passport and small photographs in the US Embassy along with US non-immigration application form for temporary residence in United States.

    2. Applicant need to pay the non-refundable fees for non-immigration visa interview, which is conducted by US visa consulate officer and collect the fees.

    3. Applicants looking for non-immigration visa need to face the interview in    front of visa officer for which they need to collect the appointment date and time.

     4. Applicants need to submit the necessary and supportive documents along with visa application form for availing US non-immigration visa. Fill the US non-immigration visa application form and submit it to the consulate officer.

    Approaching for Visa interview :

  • When visa applicant arrives at US embassy on the appointment date for interview related to non immigration visa, local consular check the application form, passport, photos of the applicant and necessary documents attached thereof.
  • Visa consular staff check the required detail are correctly entered in computer and verify the details through database available in computer regarding the eligibility of the applicant to receive visa. The database contains the details of all those foreign nationals who are not eligible or rejected for all the category of US visa due to their illegal practices or fake information.
  • The digital finger prints of all the applicants are taken and cross checked against the database for derogatory information. The information mentioned in passport is also checked using database in order to determine the identity in the case of passport loss .
  • Visa applicant need to approach visa consulate officer who take their interview and decides their fortune of visiting United States for a particular time period on temporary basis.
  • The interview is formal and he judge the applicants according to their skills and knowledge which they need to imply when they reside in United States of America.
  • People usually apply for different categories of non immigration visa such as work visa, student visa, business visa, tourist visa etc.The visa interview is conducted in the language of USA which is English.

 Providing non immigration visa to applicants:

Applicants who successfully qualify in the interview taken by visa consulate officer. They are called by local visa consulates to collect their passport with the US visa attached along with it. They can also pay the courier charges to the embassy and get their passport as well as US Visa at their residence or office.